PHP 7.3 is now fully a production stack.

All major PHP frameworks have released new versions that take full advantage of the features offered by PHP 7.3 hosting.

After extensive testing to ensure complete compatibility of the integration with our hosting platform, our engineers have finalized the availability of PHP 7.3 on the platform and will be setting PHP 7.3 as default on all systems.

This means that while you may still retain the ability to select the upstream PHP supported version you want to use, any newly installed application will default to 7.3.

Moreover, the implementation may also upgrade existing applications to use 7.3.

If you are unable to switch from 7.3 to 7.2 or vice versa, please notify us so we can adjust that for you.

You can visit for migration guide, see the new features, view backward-incompatible changes and see deprecated features.


While doing this, please note that PHP 7.4 (the next PHP 7 minor release), is expected to be released to the General Availability on November 28th, 2019.

If you notice issues with your application after the upgrade, please:

Log into your cPanel server and visit Software >> MultiPHP INI Editor.

Select the location that you wish to configure from the menu.

You can edit either the account's home directory or the domain's document root.

The PHP directives will appear.

Look at the "session.save_path" which shows you where your server stores the files that PHP creates.

Ensure that it is 7.3 and NOT 7.2, then save.

The system saves changes to the php.ini file, the user.ini file, and your .htaccess file. 

Please do this for every website/application that is under your hosting account.

If you want to host an old PHP version, do not select or use ALT-PHP on normal web hosting packages. 

Visit and use the hosting package found at that location and for more information.

If you are using our HardenedPHP packages to host your application running old PHP, you don't need to make these changes.

But please do check your cPanel's MultiPHP INI Editor to ensure that everything is the way you intended it to be.

Our beta users will continue testing our stacks/applications with PHP 7.4.


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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