Advanced cPanel (8)

The Advanced part of cPanel is designed for administrators who has become proficient with cPanel and want to extend or re-configure what it can do.

cPanel Documentation (2)

Get to know the cPanel interface and how to use your cPanel web hosting account to host your websites, applications, email and others.

Data Backups (19)

Data loss can be devastating to a business. Having backup copies of your complete hosting account will help mitigate disasters. Learn how to forestall data loss with cPanel backup options.

Databases in cPanel (11)

Learn how to use the database tools that cPanel provides to setup/create PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, user accounts, user privileges & managing/deleting databases and users.

DNS (10)

Your domain must resolve to an IP address before you can use it to host a website. Learn how to set up an A or AAAA record for your domain or sub-domain.

Email (21)

Learn how to securely host emails for every domain you own. cPanel made it super-easy to create, manage, and delete email accounts & protect them from viruses or spams.

File Management (16)

Understanding how to effectively manage your web hosting account files using File Manager, FTP, SSH, Github, etc is crucial to getting the best out of this popular Linux control panel. Learn more.

Hosting Account Management (13)

Now that your account is ready and you have gained access to your server, here are things we feel you need to know and understand in order to have a better web hosting experience.

Preferences (3)

Learn how to change your cPanel account settings including making changes to language, contact preferences, sub-accounts or updating your cPanel password.

Security (9)

The security of your website or an application is one that should be designed for the entire information processing lifecycle. Here are some tips that can help you meet your security objectives.

Softaculous Installer (26)

Softaculous lets you focus on using apps rather than spending time on installing them. Install PHP, PERL, JAVA, JavaScript applications to your domain with just a few clicks.

WordPress (11)

38% of the web uses WordPress, from blogs to the biggest news sites online. Learn how to use free and priceless WordPress to create a beautiful website, blog, or app.