How To Add A MySQL User To An Existing Databases

We often recommend that users use the MySQL® Database Wizard feature to create databases as it does everything for you automatically.

However, you can still add users to the database and configure their privileges to an existing database or after you have created a new one.

  • Log in to cPanel and scroll down to the Databases pane.
  • Create a user before you attempt to add the user to an existing database.

    To create a new user account, perform the following steps:

    • Enter a username in the Username text box.
    • Enter and confirm the new password in the appropriate text boxes.
    • Click the Create User button.
  • Now go back to the Database pane and in the Add User To Database section of the interface, select the desired user and database from the menus.

    The MySQL Account Maintenance interface will appear once you click Add.

  • Give the user the privileges you wish to grant it. To grant all of the available privileges to the user, select the ALL PRIVILEGES checkbox.
  • Click on the Make Changes button.
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