How To Set Up A Mailing Lists With cPanel Webmail

Before we start with this tutorial, it is important to point out that the mailing list that cPanel provides is rudimentary at best.

There are better email marketing tools more suited for growing businesses and among these are:

These email marketing tools above all have free versions that you can use.

But using them also means that you are sharing your customer's data or member's list with these third-party services who in turn may or may not sell this information to advertisers.

So, if the privacy of your members or customers is the most important factor in the choice of the tool to use, then use cPanel's in-build Mailing Lists.

While not as robust and automated as the dedicated email marketing services, you can at least rest assured that you are in total control of the list.

To do that, log in to your cPanel and scroll down to the Email section, then click on Mailing Lists.

Once the page loads, enter the mailing list name in the List Name text box.

From the Domain menu, select the appropriate domain (if you are hosting multiple domains in your account) for the mailing list.

Type in and confirm the password you want to use.

Select a privacy option: Private or Public.

When you select Private, the Mailman interface will not display the mailing list, the administrator must also approve subscriptions and the Mailman interface does not display the mailing list.

If you select Public, the subscriptions for the mailing list will be open, the Mailman interface displays the list and a public archive will exist for the mailing list.

To complete creating the new mailing list, click Add Mailing List.

After creating your mailing list, the system logs you in to the mailing list management interface automatically.

But if you visit the Mailman URL or prefer to use the email-based management functions, then use the administrator password that you earlier created.

If you want to delegate administrative rights on a mailing list to another person (e.g your marketing team), select the email addresses of the users to whom to delegate administrative rights.

Then click the right arrow and then the Save button.

We recommend that enable a spam-killer for your mailing list.

To manage, enable or disable (definitely not recommended) Apache SpamAssassin for your cPanel account, select Enable Apache SpamAssassin in cPanel’s Spam Filters interface at cPanel >> Home >> Mail >> Spam Filters.

To know more about Mailmain, visit the Mailman documentation at

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