How To Add 2FA To Your Web Hosting Magic Billing Account

Web Hosting Magic will soon start enforcing two-factor authentication on most of our portals.

Until now, it has been a decision we left for customers to make.

But we have repeatedly seen is that this often leads to customers not adhering to safe online practices including the use of strong passwords and the use of 2FA.

Passwords are inherently insecure and it is very easy than you think for someone to steal your password.

Imagine someone gaining access, locking you out, deleting your data that you lose access to your data, databases, e-mails, etc?


Two-Factor Authentication

With 2-Step Verification (also known as two-factor authentication), you add an extra layer of security to your account.

Things you need:


Before you begin, make sure you have your laptop or computer and also your phone. You will need these two to configure two-factor authentication for your account.

1. Select 2FA App

Select, download and install a two-factor authentication app.

Download and install either:


2. Login

Once you have done that, please visit: from your computer to start off the process


3. Click on the "Get Started" button.

Once done, open either the Authy or Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator and select the "+" sign to add a new account. It will open the barcode scanner.


4. Click on the "Confirm" button to proceed.

This will generate a bar-code along with a secret key if you wish to add the code manually to your app.


5. Take a picture.

Now using your smartphone camera, take a screenshot of the generated barcode and save it in a secure location under a name associated with the account.

This way, you can share the barcode with those you wish to give access to your billing dashboard and control panel since you can log in to your cPanel or Plesk panels via the billing system.


6. Scan the barcode.

Now scan the code using the 2FA application you installed previously.


7. Use the codes to log in.

After you have scanned the bar-code with your app, you will be presented with some numbers.

These numbers change every 20 seconds.

Type in the numbers into the box named "Verification Step" and then the "Confirm" button.


8. Save the Backup Code

You will at this time presented with a backup code. Ensure that you copy and save the backup code in a safe place as you will need this in an event you lose access to your phone.

From now on, you will be asked for this second piece of information each time you try to log in.

Join thousands of other customers who have made their Web Hosting Magic account stronger with 2-Step Verification.

Visit right away to get started.

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