How To Set Your Language Preferences in cPanel

The cPanel team made it possible to use the cPanel interface in many different languages.

Out of the box, cPanel supports:

  • Arabic العربية
  • Brazilian Portuguese português do Brasil
  • Bulgarian български
  • Chinese China 中文(中国)
  • Chinese Taiwan 中文(台湾)
  • Chinese 中文
  • Czech čeština
  • Danish dansk
  • Dutch Nederlands
  • English
  • Filipino fil
  • Finnish suomi
  • French français
  • German Deutsch
  • Greek Ελληνικά
  • Hebrew עברית
  • Hungarian magyar
  • Iberian Spanish español de España
  • Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia
  • Italian italiano
  • Japanese 日本語
  • Korean 한국어
  • Latin American Spanish español latinoamericano
  • lovenian slovenščina
  • Malay Bahasa Melayu
  • Norwegian Bokmål norsk bokmål
  • Norwegian no
  • Polish polski
  • Portuguese português
  • Romanian română
  • Russian русский
  • Spanish español
  • Swedish svenska
  • Thai ไทย
  • Turkish Türkçe
  • Ukrainian українська
  • Vietnamese Tiếng Việt

When your cPanel account is first created, your account’s language is likely to be set to English.

But you don't have to use this if it is not your first language.

You can change your cPanel interface’s language by logging in to cPanel, scrolling down to the Preferences pane, and selecting the Change Language option.

Once the page loads, select the language that you wish to use from the Select a language drop-down, then click Change.

cPanel will now refresh and show you the newly-selected language.


There is something important to point out here.

After changing cPanel's interface language, a cookie will be set in your browser that expires after one year.

So whenever you log in from a new browser or delete your browser cookies, or when the cookie expires, you have to perform this step again.

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